To support badass women and people of color with living their best lives.


A world in which women and people of color live fully with joy, purpose and passion, providing a model to the kids in their lives for all that is possible.

guiding Principles

  • Deliver high-value services, while giving away the best for free.

  • Accept everyone as they are while always believing in their fullest potential.

  • Interact with transparency and humility, always.

  • Collaborate and partner with curiosity, authenticity and strength.

  • Strategize, simplify, repeat.



  • Lift up women and people of color.

  • Highlight and contribute to movements that increase economic mobility for underserved communities.


  • Show up for you with full attention and heart.

  • Hold a safe and confidential space for you be as open and vulnerable as you want to be.

  • Never pass judgement, and always listen and respond with respect.

  • Believe in and champion the goals you set.

  • Focus on guiding you to the next level in your life, which means pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone and, with your permission, holding you accountable.


Scholarships are available to self-identified women of color interested in attending our workshops and events.


Annie Sanchez

CEO & Chief Goal Strategist

I founded Mariposa Strategies in 2018 and designed it for you — my fellow women and people of color — in response to my search for a POC coach when I needed one most.

I’m a productivity-obsessed goal strategist and clarity coach on a mission to decrease overwhelm in the lives of women and people of color.

During a three-year-long life transition, I craved support and searched high and low for a coach of color, but found it really challenging to find someone focused on both life coaching and professional strategy. There are many, many leadership coaches, business coaches, finance coaches and coaches for coaches. But I needed — and continue to lean on — support for both life and tactical business stuff.

When receiving personal and professional development support from a coach, you need to feel comfortable being vulnerable. As a woman and person of color, I understand how the ability to get there with someone comes down to being able to relate to them. And being able to relate often has to do with having shared lived experiences.

Once you get there, it’s like magic! A strong, connected and vulnerable relationship with a coach can help you move from anxiety and overwhelm to clarity and progress.

Based in New Mexico, I work with people from all over.

my background

I’m a woman of color, tía, sister, daughter, granddaughter and fiercely loyal friend. Now in my late 30s, I’m proud of my diverse professional background, including being a certified virtual coach, certified professional fundraiser, certified business adviser, licensed esthetician, project manager, community builder and former nonprofit director, among many side hustles.

I’ve worked in multiple sectors at different levels of leadership, and feel proud of the reputation I’ve established as a compassionate, focused, inclusive leader and colleague.

A curious person with a lifelong approach to personal development and knowledge stacking, I have experienced my share of imposter syndrome. I don’t have a college degree, and realize how the cultural emphasis on having a bunch of letters after my name contributed to my anxiety for many years. I’m happy to report that I no longer give a fuck.