A friend recently posted on Facebook a question about cultivating patience. It really resonated with me because I tend to want things to happen right away.

When I really reflect on how I practice patience, it turns out I’m growing in my abilities (thankfully!). I think patience, like meditation, non-judgement, compassion and all the other things that make us better humans, are works in forever progress. They’re practices — things we do over and over with the intention of becoming incrementally better each time.

Here’s My Plan

There is no reason at all why having what you want isn’t possible.

What do you really, really want though? This is a big and not so simple question to answer.

You can’t just arbitrarily pick goals. You really can’t. You’ll never get them and will create a habit of letting yourself down for not getting them. But don’t feel bad, they were arbitrary in the first place so no wonder you gave up.