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Annie Sanchez, CEO and Chief Goal Strategist, describes the work and her motivation for starting Mariposa Strategies.

What is Mariposa Strategies?


Mariposa Strategies is a heart-centered strategic planning and coaching firm. Mariposa, Spanish for butterfly, represents transformation and change. Strategies represents process.

Together, these words embody our mission to support badass women and people of color in living their best lives.

Check out our vision, guiding principles, priorities and promises.

What is Coaching?


It is a collaborative process where support and guidance are provided to someone going through a transition and/or transformation in their life.

A great coach will support you by providing a compassionate and curious ear so you can dream out loud about where you want to go next or in the long-term. A great coach will connect the dots, provide advice and help you create a strategy to get there faster than you could on your own.

Why Mariposa Strategies?


Mariposa Strategies is owned and operated by Annie Sanchez, a productivity-obsessed goal strategist and clarity coach. As a woman of color working at different levels of leadership across sectors for two decades, she has experienced transitions and key transformations in her own life.

She designed Mariposa Strategies for her fellow women and people of color — men, women, trans and non-binary individuals all welcome — in response to her search for a POC coach when she needed one most.

When receiving personal and professional development support from a coach, you need to feel comfortable being vulnerable. As a woman and person of color, Annie understands getting there with someone comes down to being able to relate to them. And being able to relate often has to do with having shared lived experiences.

Once you get there, it’s like magic! A strong, connected and vulnerable relationship with a coach can help you move from anxiety and overwhelm to clarity and progress.

If something about this feels right to you, that’s why Mariposa Strategies.