How scholarships are funded

I started offering workshops in the spring of 2019 at a rate that was…well, too darn low for the level of value I was providing. The rub though was that I wanted to make my workshops accessible regardless of one’s financial situation. But I had to increase prices because I wasn’t willing to lessen the value I was providing to keep the price low.

To my delight, the first group of workshop attendees agreed the value was in fact very high and several lovingly offered to pay the luxury, self care experience forward to offset the price increase via a scholarship fund.

Fun fact: I had the scholarship fund thought 48 hours before the first workshop and an attendee basically read my mind the day after by offering to contribute before I had even gone public with the idea. I love this stuff!

At this time scholarships are funded by current and past Mariposa Strategies clients who feel inclined to contribute, and by a 10% portion of my workshop and event profits.

Because the fund fluctuates based on contributions and business, the number of scholarshiops available varies for each workshop and event. You can find out how many are available for the one you are applying for on the indivdual event page.

Scholarships are available as partial support, covering the difference between $45 and the price of the workshop or event you are attending. This means that if awarded a scholarship, you will pay $45 regardless of the price of the workshop or event.

The “Original 45” honors the price of my very first workshop.

See below for who is eligible and how to apply.

Contribute to the fund

Who is eligible for a scholarship

Scholarships are available to self-identified women of color, any age or professional background who have a financial need for support.

It is not my intention to scrutinize your situation or make you feel like you have to prove it to me. Rather, I expect that if you are interested in attending one of my workshops or events and simply can’t make it work financially at a time in your life when you need or want to attend, you will provide me with a narrative about why attending is important to you.

See below for how to apply.

How to apply for a scholarship

Please fill out the form below at least 10 days before the workshop or event that you want to attend. I will notify all applicants of decision at least 7 days before the workshop or event.

Name *
TERMS: I understand that if I'm selected to receive a scholarship, I will be responsible for paying $45 to secure my seat at the workshop or event I named above. *
Please check the box to confirm your understanding of the scholarship terms.